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If you could tell a stranger a word of advice for the rest of 2020, what would you tell them?

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

I asked my Instagram followers for advice for 2020 while battling a raging global pandemic. Here's the valuable advice they passed along.

  1. While this year has been tough and uncomfortable, it will bring us growth.

  2. Pause- breathe- think- and make sure your actions are not reactive, but instead rooted in intention.

  3. Hold on and try to stay positive.

  4. Be grateful of your nationality, especially if you're American or Canadian. It's considered a privilege to be able to live and work in the US or Canada.

  5. Read between the lines of bias when looking over the news. A lot of media sources, including CNN, New York Times, New Yorker, Washington Post, are bias. Try to understand what is fact and what is an insertion of opinion.

  6. Review not just the moral/ethical impact of a politician's policy but the economic impact as well. An policy that leads to a flourishing economy, such as corporate tax cuts, which may seem unjustified creates jobs and makes things more affordable.

  7. For the people who criticize capitalism, especially designers and developers, or anybody supporting the development of products or services: the work that you create feeds capitalism. It also feeds you. Look around your room and think about how barren it would look without capitalism, or more importantly how you would make a living.

  8. For the people who complain or complain on behalf of other people with low wages: Yes, it sucks. A budding designer makes just about minimum wage, but it was also the person's decision to enter the field. It's a consequence of one's choice. Also, there are more designers than there are design jobs; it's a demand and supply market.

  9. Invest in yourself, others, and your community.

  10. BE NICE TO EVERYONE. This should be a general rule for all of life, but especially now when the majority of people have lost so much and are so negatively affected by what's going on.

  11. I know it's difficult, but keep fighting.

  12. Don't stay inside all day! A little bit of sun can make your whole day bright.

  13. Do what you gotta do to make sure you survive each day and get your work done.

  14. Don’t stop fighting for change.

  15. Find a way to stay sane at home, wear a mask, and support Black Lives Matter. Also, don't be ignorant to those around you.

  16. Continue to show grace for others and yourself. We are doing the absolute best we all can (I pray people are) but for me, that’s what I am doing!

  17. Be patient with people in your life, and genuinely ask how they’re doing, because there is probably a lot more going on beneath the surface.

  18. Take it day by day fam, things are literally changing that quickly. It’s also okay not to be exactly where you’d like to be right now. This includes your job, mental health, physical health, environment, etc. This year is like a bad apocalyptic movie but even those have happy endings... unless we become zombies, then... well good luck... also GO VOTE!

I don't know about you, but I thoroughly enjoyed reading through this little advice column. Stay safe and healthy, and always remember you matter. Special thanks to:

@jessiemeh_, @kbarthphotos, @jessconnearney, @stephasauce, @senator_abraham, @deegeeragofskee, @Scoootttaaayyy,, @keeewii, @_emmamaephotography, @anikersss



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