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My First Facial at Georgetown's Hela Medical Spa

After many adult years, I finally had my first facial and it won't be my last.

Located on M St. NW, right in the heart of Georgetown, Washington, D.C., Hela Medical Spa is a serene escape from the busy street below. I first learned of Hela on Instagram (@helamedicalspa) and quickly knew while reading reviews that they are known to offer top-notch services. So of course, I had to experience it for myself.

Hela has been in business for over seventeen years and has served at least 75,000 customers. When making my appointment, I felt as if I was placing my skin care in the hands of those who would treat me well. In particular, Hela is known for it's non-invasive skincare, body contouring, and aesthetic and regenerative medicine. In Swedish Hela translates to, "to heal, to make whole." After one year of enduring a global pandemic, healing was exactly what my skin needed. I've spent the majority of the past year in my small apartment and being inside all the time took a toll on my skin. It has been pretty dry and needed a refresh. A facial was the perfect solution to cleanse my skin and get it ready for the summer sun.

Having never experienced a professional facial before, I had no idea what to expect. When I arrived, I checked in and was taken to the facial room where I changed into a robe. I laid down on a comfortable spa table for the facial and enjoyed the ambiance and tranquility of the room. Sophia S. was my provider and she made me feel relaxed and I enjoyed chatting with her throughout the facial. I ended up getting the "The Standard" facial which uses a customized approach to meet my unique skin goals. My treatment included cleansing, exfoliating, steam, extractions, massage, and hydration. I really loved the steam as it felt like my face had its own personal sauna. Sophia also lent me some tips on my overall skincare routine which I will definitely work on implementing at home.

I left Hela feeling rejuvenated and determined to continue taking care of my skin at home. After experiencing a facial and its benefits, I know they will become a part of my self care regimen. It's not very often I get to lay down and relax for an hour with a heavy importance placed on taking care of my skin. I know I am still young, but I am aware that taking care of my skin now will be a benefit in the long run. Here's to skin care and self care in 2021. We all deserve to treat ourselves.

To book one of Hela's many menu offerings, text (202) 333-4445 or email to book an appointment. Use code Emily15 for 15% off your service. Valid one time use and not valid in combo with any other promo.



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